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A biblically based exposition of the ancient Hebrew faith of Abraham

by Dr. James D. Tabor

This is a non-specialist book written in plain language that takes the Hebrew Bible as its foundational text. It addresses five basic areas: Knowing God, The Way, The Plan, The Messiahs, and Turning to God. It was written particularly for those interested in understanding Jesus in his own historical context, as an exponent of the faith of Abraham, Moses, and the Prophets, rather than the founder of the new religion we know today as Christianity.


This terrific little book is a “must read.” We love this book because it takes the Bible completely seriously, explores it fearlessly, following the text itself, and other sources, and explains things – including, e.g., the nature and early history of Christianity, but also many aspects of the Torah Tradition itself – directly, simply, and rigorously honestly. This is an openhearted, large-souled book, very American, in its way (in its trust in the power of logic, truth and the black-letter Scripture itself to create change), which convincingly explains why the whole human race needs to re-think the Bible and rediscover the ancient faith of Abraham.

Michael Dallen, 1st Covenant Foundation

You’ve produced a superb manifesto in this book, very similar in many ways to my own personal credo. It is truly a wonderful, inspirational book that should draw people back to the fundamental biblical message, one which puts Jesus, James and John the Baptizer into context. I have added it to my “Recommended Reading” on my Web site. I think the chapter on The Messiahs is especially well done and I’ll direct my students to the book, especially for that chapter. What constitutes a Messiah, as opposed to a Savior, remains a perennial favorite amongst my students.
I personally learned a lot from the chapter on The Plan – hadn’t thought of thinking about the future quite that way – and Turning To God is very similar to the kind of message I advocate when speaking in churches/synagogues.

Prof. Barrie Wilson, York University, Toronto

 I just finished reading an amazing book entitled Restoring Abrahamic Faith by Professor James Tabor of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Tabor’s book is a manifesto of biblical theology deeply rooted in the text of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament). The book is full of profound wisdom and penetrating observations that skillfully elucidate the meaning of numerous biblical verses. Whether or not one agrees with all of the author’s conclusions, there is much to be learned from his encyclopedic knowledge of the biblical text and archaeology. I strongly encourage anyone who has a love for God’s holy Word to read this book!

Nehemiah Gordon, Biblical scholar, Author

I have just finished Restoring Abrahamic Faith. I’m not sure that my words will convey how profoundly your book has reached me. You have put into words something that I have “felt” and understood but didn’t have words or ways to convey what I felt and understood. I was raised in the Episcopalian tradition and have attended many other main line churches in my lifetime but I have always “talked to God.” Your book has given me a new understanding of what Biblical Faith is. A new pathway has opened for me through your words and I can’t wait to see where it takes me.

Lori Bollinger
, Executive Assistant
, Trinity Episcopal Church in the City of Boston